Licensed by Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA), Swift Petrotrade expects from all employees utmost ethical behavior, transparencyintegrity, and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of HFZA, the UAE government and those of the countries in which the company operates as well as with all Swift Petrotrade’s principles, guidelines and policies.

 Swift Petrotrade carries out its business with extreme vigilance and under the guidance of the Compliance Desk of the company to ensure that all our directors, officers and employees follow consistently Swift Petrotrade’s rigorous policies and procedures when acting on behalf or in the name of Swift Petrotrade.

 Swift Petrotrade’s Code of Conduct addresses the most important principles, rules, and standards, and represents the company’s values and ethical culture in business, including fighting corrupt practices, complying with anti-bribery, anti-corruption regulations, and sanction legislation. It provides guidance to all employees as well as to every joint co-operation under the control of Swift Petrotrade. The Code of Conduct outlines the behavior Swift Petrotrade expects of its employees and what employees can expect of Swift Petrotrade. 

At Swift Petrotrade, we conduct a thorough KYC on all our potential clients prior to entering into any form of contractual agreements. We do not trade with companies that entered any trade directly or indirectly in the past 3 years with any countries, states, organizations, companies or individuals sanctioned, blacklisted or banned by UN, EU and USA.

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