What We Do

A) Supply and Off-take

We engage in long-term supply contracts or offtake agreements with various counterparts – mostly traders, importers, distributors and marketers – in the industry to fulfill our international trading goals.


 B) Manage Price Volatility

We are conversant with the fact that our commodity prices can be extremely volatile hence we have a dedicated team on board that manages it. Not only do we have physical traders but also paper traders managing the financial risks associated with trading commodities, typically through exchanges.


 C) Lease and Operate Terminals (Storage Facilities)

Essentially we lease and operate oil storage facilities at various locations to serve the need of breaking or building bulk, blending, and future trading to serve our supply tasks. In some cases, we partner or sign throughput agreements with storage facility operators in order to serve the same purpose stated earlier.


 D) Freight Trading

A dedicated experienced tanker-chartering team manages and charter’s tankers on bareboat, time and voyage charter for our trade barrels as well as others. We handle only wet freights and we deal in all vessel sizes, from 1,000 tons to 300,000 tons (Deadweight tonnage) depending on the class of deal under Time Charter, Contracts of Affreightment (COA) and Spot Voyage.


E) Oilfield Equipment Supplies

Swift Petrotrade has built and continues to build strategic alliances with known names and accredited oil field equipment manufacturers across the globe. With this as our strength, we are able to supply all our clients in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors internationally. Our supplies include factory equipment, clothing products, heavy equipment, and light equipment. We are able to send samples to proven serious international buyers.


F) Bunkering

Swift Petrotrade’s bunkering business intended to provide fast, efficient and dependable ship-to-ship deliveries is expected to commence in Q4 2019.


 G) Ship-To-Ship (STS) Transfers

By Q4 2019, Swift Petrotrade will commence Ship-To-Ship (STS) Transfers at Togo Triangle in order to tap into the demands from Lagos, Tema, Cotonou and Lome.

STS is an operation whereby the transfer of cargo between seagoing vessels positioned alongside each other is carried out. The discharging vessel is known as STBL (Ship to be lightered). It is also called Mother vessel while the receiving vessel is called the Daughter Vessel. One vessel acts as the terminal leaving the second one to moor. Under this arrangement, our buyers will have to charter vessels that can convey their required quantities to move to the location of our mother vessel for the ship-to-ship (STS) transfer to take place.

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